Koperasi Perniagaan Wawasan

Kuala Lumpur Berhad (KOPWAKUL)

   "Kesetiaan Ke Arah Kemajuan"   

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Company Profile

Koperasi Perniagaan Wawasan Kuala Lumpur Berhad (KOPWAKUL) is a cooperative society that is incorporated to benefit its members through various activities such as investment in shares, marketing in Solar PV and Japanese Products.

KOPWAKUL Licensed Certificate (below):


KOPWAKUL has a long term Vision to form a cooperative bank which is competitive with the existing cooperative bank/financier. Our target members are mainly professionals, businessmen and any individuals who are desirous to have an excellent business networking platform to share and mutually benefit each other collectively.

One of the main activity of the cooperative is stock market investment especially in IPO (Initial Public Offering) in Bursa Malaysia Kuala Lumpur.

Management Background: involved in shares investment since 2007, handling more than 2,000 clienteles.





KOPWAKUL join with ANGKASA (below):


Below was shown the return of IPO in 2012:

(Article above taken from research analysis)


Due to lack of experience and trading skills in the stock market, most of the clients requested the Management Team to monitor their shareholding in order to maximise their trading profits. KOPWAKUL has been formed with the objective to monitor the shares investment clients.


  • To form broker's firm in future and provide business sustainability environment for other business
  • To provide long term investment strategy in share market, give commitment and high integrity for other business in order to uphold a successive co-operative.
  • To achieve minimum return of 5% yearly to member.
  • To make substantial investment in 'IPO' and 'Blue Chips' for long term.
  • To encourage more members to join the co-operative community 


Stay United Through Progress (Kesetiaan Ke Arah Kemajuan)

Cooperative core values:

Core Values:

Our philosophy is member’s satisfaction. Constantly enhancing the values and achievement of a reputable cooperative.

Our members of cooperative will always priority. We strive to provide the best service to members by ensuring them the best discount possible at all times.

We are committed to be the best cooperative bank and always ensure members of higher return on their investment.

Together we strive towards a common goal through mutual trust and understanding showing utmost respect to our dedicated board of directors.

Besides stocks market investment, in order to maximise the return for the investors in the cooperative, the following business activities will be carried out:

a) Marketing

b) Building Cleaning

c) Financial Consultation

d) Publication of reading materials